The Pilates method of Body Conditioning improves:

 Alignment  (posture)
 Muscle Control
 Range of Motion
Stress Levels
 Personal Well-Being
The Pilates Method works many of the deeper muscles together,
improving coordination and balance, to achieve efficient and graceful
movement.  Rather than pursuing the unrealistic goal of having an ideal
or perfect body, the practitioner develops a healthy self image, through
the attainment of better posture, proper coordination, and improved

Pilates is a complete fitness method and when performed regularly, it
positively changes bodies.  It improves muscle control, strengthens and
tones.  The effects of Pilates are more than just physical.  You will feel
revitalized, relaxed, confident, invigorated and more flexible through a
new sense of well-being.  Many clients would agree it's like going to a
chiropractor, getting a massage and exercising all in one!

Because Pilates exercises are low-impact, they can also ease back and
joint pain and the symptoms associated with ARTHRITIS. Pilates moves
can help people with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis by
stretching the ligaments around the joints and squeezing the joint
lubricant, called synovial fluid, into the cartilage, thereby easing stiffness.

If you have arthritis, ask your health care provider before getting started,
and be aware that Pilates exercises are not a substitute for exercises
prescribed by your doctor or physical therapist.  Make sure you tell your
instructor you have arthritis.  
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