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Body Central Studio

About Us

Body Central Studio is a boutique wellness studio that offers the highest quality services in Pilates, Fitness, and Massage. Our certified trainers and therapists provide you with personalized programs to help you achieve your overall health and wellness goals. “EveryBODY” is different, and we are here to support you through your journey.


Pilates otherwise known as “Contrology” has kept its growing pace in fitness industries worldwide.

Personal Training

Our instructors integrate the core of Pilates with exercises such as; TRX, Kettlebell, T-BOW, Resistant bands.

Therapeutic Sessions

As a State Medical Board Licensed massage therapist, our trainer/therapist provides each client with personalized care. 

Body Central Studio

Pricing Options

One of the perks of our studio is the ability to “create your own package.” We are not a membership, or monthly fee studio. We allow you to build your own package with what services you would like to purchase.

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Body Central Studio

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Our classes and appointments are all call to schedule, (216) 896-0200.


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