Body Central Studio



Pilates otherwise known as “Contrology” has kept its growing pace in fitness industries worldwide.

Utilizing all of the best equipment from reformer, mat, jump board, chair and Cadillac. Our studio setting allows each client to feel that they are given personal attention from our instructors whether in a group or private session.

Therapeutic Sessions:

As a State Medical Board Licensed massage therapist, our trainer/therapist provides each client with personalized care. Mixing sports massage with therapeutic stretching delivers the best results for both exercise and recovery.

Personal Training

Personal Training/Group Fitness:

Our instructors integrate the core of Pilates with exercises such as;

  • TRX
  • Kettlebell
  • T-BOW
  • Resistant bands

Providing both group and private sessions, you can work on your personal goals one-on-one or alongside others.